How to send SMS (Short Message Service or "Text Message") from AIM

Here is how you can send and SMS or "Text Message" to a mobile phone. This works on Verizon, Cingular/AT&T and T-Mobile for sure. It might work with other carriers, but I'm not sure. For this demonstration, I will be using iChat but I'm sure you can use other clients as well.

It's a pretty simple process.

  1. In iChat, push Command+Shift+N which will bring up a new chat window and ask you the service type (choose AOL Instant Messenger) and to enter the address of the person you'd like to invite.
  2. Enter the phone number of the mobile device you'd like to message in the following format: +1XXXXXXXXXX . (where the XXXXXXXXXX is the ten digit phone number of the mobile device).
  3. Type your message as you would if you were chatting with someone using AIM. They will be able to repsond from their phone via SMS as well.

I thought this was pretty interesting and useful, I hope you do too. Enjoy :]


It seems that with the new iChat they specifically incorporated the feature of sending to SMS. Now, all you need to do is push Command+Option+N and you are presented with a nice little window titled "Send SMS." Just enter the phone number of the person you wish to chat with and your message will be sent directly to their phone as mentined above.